When a ‘river of blood’ ran through Dhaka after Eid animal sacrifices

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The streets of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka turned red on Eid-ul-Adha, a Muslim festival of sacrifice, after the blood of thousands of sheep, goats and cows slaughtered as offering combined with flood water.
People in Dhaka shared pictures of the streets with blood-stained water on social media as a heavy spell of rains on Tuesday added to the problem in the city with poor drainage systems.
Residents were seen wading through ankle-high water awashed with blood and animal remains.


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A bit of rain and Eid and the roads run red with blood. #Dhaka #Bangladesh
12:28 PM - 13 Sep 2016

“I felt I was walking through a post-apocalyptic neighbourhood,” Atish Saha, a Dhaka-based artist, was quoted as saying by Guardian news service. “To be honest, I was scared. It was an image of mass violence that shouldn’t ever be experienced,” he added.
On their part, authorities said they had marked hundreds of designated spots ahead of the festival to make it easier to clean away blood and animal carcases after the offerings were made.
But according to BBC Bengali, residents sacrificed 100,000 livestock this year, mainly on the streets or at underground garages in residential buildings.


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Blood river: civic nightmare in Dhaka after rain water flows with Eid bloodhttp://www.newscrunch.in/2016/09/dhaka-rivers-blood-flow-through-streets-heavy-rain-turns-eid-sacrifice-civic-nightmare.html …
11:50 AM - 14 Sep 2016

It said residents complained that officials did not campaign well to make them aware of these spots. Others said they could not get there because of the rains.
The streets looked mostly clear of the bloody water and animal waste on Wednesday as the flooding receded.
Muslims across the globe celebrate Eid-ul-Adha by slaughtering goats, sheep and other animals on the day to commemorate Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail on God’s command.