WhatsApp for Android beta gets video call support


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WhatsApp beta for Android has finally started rolling out video call support. The app first got video call option in May this year.

Now when you try to make a call using WhatsApp, you will see two options one for audio call and the other one for video call. The other person you are calling needs to be on the same version as you in order to start the video call. If that person does not have the same version, WhatsApp will send a message saying, “Couldn’t place call. The person needs to update WhatsApp to receive video call”.

We tried video calling on WhatsApp and the experience was pretty good. The UI for video call is simple and you will see the end call button at the center while reverse camera app, message and speaker mute options are present below it. After the call was done, WhatsApp asked for a feedback on video call quality similar to the way it asks after audio call.

WhatsApp video call has the ability to compete with Google’s recently launched no nonsense video calling app Duo.


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im a beta user working fine sent to all my friends 2 it work perfect. hope they soon release for normal users 2.