What's the difference between the Girl and the Boy........


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What's the difference between the Girl and the Boy after returning from the party?

The Girl

Her sister: How was the Party?

She: It was awesome, there were all sort of things, handeliers, and the dinner food was just great, wasn't like anything i've ever tasted before. and the people were really nice....
Carries on till midnight,

her sister: "And what was Sarah wearing?"

She: "Sarah dress was soooo ugly. she looked like the female version of the beast"

Sis: "How Bad?"

She: "well first of all she was wearing the knee legnth dress.."

Sis: "The green one?'

She: "The blue one"

Sis: "The light blue one?"

She: "The Midnight blue one"'

Sis: "The one with the oil spots?"

She: "she managed to get them off, but the clorex left some white spots. "

Sis: "Like Ewww"

She: "Yeah seriously! could you believe she thought she looked good!!"

Sis:"OH MY GOD!"

She: "Yeah seriously, i was about to call her a one way trip to the mental assylum!"

Sis: "Go ON!"

She:"and there was this stash around her waist."

Sis: "Black?"

She: "No Green! Jade Green! can you believe it!!"

Sis: "Oh C'mon no one actually believes you've got that bad taste!"

She: "there's more, she was wearing fake tan, glittery tan!"

Sis: "No WAY!!!"

She: "She looked like a local she-beast"

Sis: "And her make-up"

She: "her make up got all smudgy, she was a disaster!"

Sis: "And what did you do?"

She: "Smiling at everyone who stared and said that i didn't know her.."

Sis: "and what did her sister look like?"

She: "Selena was looking G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S"

Sis: what was she wearing?

She: She was wearing a beautiful gown!

Sis: was it black?

She: No white.

Sis: what else?

She: it was a
PLAIN gown.

Sis: really?

She: Yeah, There was this
EXTRAORDINARY silk rose on her stash.

Sis: What color was the stash?

She: It was Black, It went great with her hair.

Sis: what was her hair like?

She: Beautiful! Black and wavy, honestly she looked like an angel!

Sis: What color was the rose.

She: can't even begin to explain....
Let's just say the conversation carried out till dawn
:blah :blah

Now let's switch over to the boy.

The boy:
"Hi bro."
"How was the party like?"
"It was nice, everyone told me to say hi to you"
"Thanks. "
_____________________________(End Of Conversation)_____________________