What should happen to surnames after marriage?


As we all know after marriage in us punjabies the woman changes her surname to accompany her husbands surname.


  • Jaswinder Gill weds Jasmeet Sidhu (this is random!!! lol)
then after in papers it would be:

  • Jaswinder Gill & Jasmeet Gill
MY QUESTION IS: do you feel this is ok?? or should there be a change in the system?
Should the male have to accompany the females surname???
or do they trade???



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it is not important , best example is in sikhism, like guru gave name to man singh and kaur for girls and it remain same after marriage & before marriage, so think abt it,
our gurus given both men and women same importance and their own identity to both of them it is us who divides further into surnames, Guru Gobind Rai after being batized changed his name to GURU Gobind Singh not to GURU GOBIND SINGH RAI{it is wrong} same for girls


surnames were used to know who's who...sorta lyk eh kisdi wife hai...basically...
but guruji wanted to give his daughters the privilegde of being independent and blessed us wid the surname KAUR....so that we aren't dependent on anyone...it signifies independence and equality and his love for his.
I am not against people who change it...but in my case...i wud keep both .... wudn't wanna leave my own last name tht i've used for almost 25 years. But still wud accept my hubby's last name too :)