What Is The Symbolism Of 16,108 Wives Of Shree Krishna??


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We often say Shree Krishna had so many wives, most of us don't want to inquire, we just make our own judgement, which is absolutely wrong!!!!

Shree Krishna+16,108 Wives

1.In one's entire life, the thought possibilities fall under 16,108 families
2.Each family has indefinite specimens
3.Every thought is holding one's consciousness
4.Krishna marries each thought, fulfillment comes out brilliantly when one's thoughts are bonded to the Divine Krishna!

Another Explanation

1.The 16,000 girls were kidnapped by Narakasura, they felt ashamed and tainted:-Married Shree Krishna
When one is devoid of EGO and has come to Shree Krishna Surrender, the lord Accepts one:-
2.It says here your thoughts should place Shree Krishna in them:-Become aware of Shree Krishna
3.Put your thoughts at the Lotus Feet Of Shree Krishna
4.The balance 108 wives symbolise a Pure Japa Mala that emerges, by giving your thoughts to Shree Krishna
5.This 108 chant is your seeds:- you grow towards a Spiritual Light
6.The Japa Mala also is a representation of gaining Krishna Consciousness, Surrender should be coupled by Nama
7.This episode in the Bhagwat is beautifully dedicated to Surrender & Non Egoistic quality shown in a Bhakta!