What is Shahrukh Khan trying to sell his son?


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A concept from ‘Matrix’

To tackle his talented kids of gen next, the superstar father has upgraded his parenting skills. Shahrukh Khan not only sells his films just by his name, he also cooks up stories for his kids.

Shahrukh has got a sherwani made for his son Aryan. After all, it’s Eid. But, the young lad isn’t gung ho about wearing the traditional attire. So, the father came up with a unique idea to convince his son to wear the sherwani. He tried to sell an idea to Aryan by reminding him of Keanu Reeves doing stunts wearing a long black jacket in ‘Matrix’.

“Made sherwani for Aryan and myself... selling him the concept of sherwani as the garb of Neo from Matrix. Hope he buys it and wears it on Eid,” tweets SRK.

Isn’t he a fantastic dad!