What hurts U most ??

1) Ignorance ?
3) Being Alone ?
6) Just a thought of 'Losing someone Special' ?
7) Watching someone Special With Other ?

All these hurt alot....
your desires create more problems for you. The less desires you have...the better...or stress free life you will have. Moh Maya Da saab chakar hai. Kujh meri eh gal sunn ke huss pehn geh...ke bevkoofa waliya galla karda. For example: A small baby has very few desires. Kujh vi nahi! beside feeding on milk...and poop. As human grows older..the desires increases so does the problems. Look at all the major rivers. They start of as a spring from a mountain and make its way to sea. As it start going in the sea direction...more and more water from rain or from other streams come and the river becomes bigger and bigger and bigger and continuously flow...like you are continuously pursing happiness and joy. But never attain it fully. Attachment taiyaag do. You will have less problems. Jo manuk di lor hai jyon vasteh oh raab dai jandah..air is free...water is free..but u dont need milk & butter. You only need it until your bones are developing..but nahi....sanu chahidah. You needs are ever increasing and so does our problems :) What should hurt you the most is that we have broken yourself from from your real purpose of life. Someone special is God...Tusi ush nu cheeteh karo...all this wont matter anymore.