What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning


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Lemon keeps us healthy

Lemon is known by its healthy components: magnesium, potassium, calcium, irons specially vitamin C and also vitamin B, losing weight and immunity property.

So if you want to help your body you can make lemon water in following way:

– Squeeze half fresh lemon in one glass warm water

– Immediately drink it before you have a breakfast.

1.Lemon water cleans all the body from toxin’s or everything which isn’t healthy and helps in liver detoxification.

2.Antioxidants from lemon clean the skin, protect it from bacteria which damage the skin or known like acne’s.

3.Vitamin C from lemon destroys the flu or common colds and potassium controls blood pressure.

4.Magnesium and potassium help our mind in concentration, focusing on work also to all nervous system.

5.Citric and ascorbic acid control pH levels in the body so in that way there isn’t disease uric acid.

6.Also lemon water helps in digestion, make it better, no stomach pain no belching, bloating and heartburn or cleans digestive tract.

7.Drinking lemon water we prevent dehydration of our body, we don’t lose fluids or no symptoms like: tiredness, stress, confusing, low/high blood pressure..

8.Antioxidants from lemon don’t allow to show up cancer cells.

9.Also lemon water has property to recover the body from injuries, stress or makes stronger tissues, cartilages and bones.

10.Pectin from lemon water helps in losing weight.

11.Belonging to citrus fruit family, protects the teeth and when we drink lemon water after its recommended to wash mouth with pure water.

12.Vitamin C from lemon water helps us to feel better or be more positive, relaxed.
Every morning I drink boiled lemon, ginger and honey. At the start of every week I’ll buy 3 lemons and 6-8 inches of raw ginger. I peel and then grate the ginger, squeeze the juice out of the three lemons and bring it to a boil in a large saucepan with 3 litres of mineral water. I’ll also add 2-3 tablespoons of organic honey for taste. I let it cool down and then use a tea strainer/sieve to bottle the liquid. Every morning I’ll take a bottle out of the fridge and shake the bottle and pour me a glass. So refreshing.