What do u think about Jay?


Focusing on ________
Write ur honest opinions >np

koi makhanbaaji yaa sweetness ni chaeedi mainu nakli di :tear :tear

sachi sachi dasso saare wat ya think about me :an :an :an :an :an

jehra wi kuch wi dassu ohnu millegiii .............. :hug
hor main poor aan :chew :chew :chew

likhi challo :gd :gd :gd

temme if i need to change nething :squint :squint nd if yes then what :saw >np >np >np >np

hun jaada sawaal naa pucheyo ke aha thread kyon banaya :gig :an :an >np >np >np


Positive Points
  • Smart
  • Beautiful
  • Supportive friend
  • Cheerful

Negative Points
  • Vulnerable
  • Poor time management
  • You get attached to people too quick
  • I was surprised when you said you were more like a loner in uni, I thought you were more of an outgoing person


Focusing on ________
Thnxxxxxxxxxxx a tonnnnnnnnnn both of yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :hug :hug

PS: enni wi loner ni like i havee frenzz juss dont like half of them muchhh :an te some r too boring :an te some r too lazy :an te some rnt my type :an u knww ppl u clik wid :an :tear


jaY said:
:tear u dont know jay/ many names :tear
~Ofcourse i know Jay....Bozer Jatti~

Ok opinions--->
Jess is like a baby...sweet, cute, mischievous, stubborn, careless too at times.......

Bozer Jatti-->She's like a friend...patient, calmed, she's a good listener. always there when needed.

Jessica--->She's a teenager.....once she makes up her mind....no-one can change it. She doesn't listen to no-one.



Jess : She is my e luv:wub .

She is very close to me:kh we both are so different,,,,,still we both got a gr8 tunning:hug

+ve pts taan bahot likh sakdi aan,,,,,jinnu pyaar kereye ohde +ve pts barre dikhde hunde ne,,,,,,but i m writing a -ve one,,,,,motto,,,,sometimes u don't think b4 speaking anything out,,work on it,,,,oh wait u don't need to change it while talking to me,,,,,,i m talking abt others.

Love u heaps as always:wub .