West Bengal in a hurry to settle Singur cases


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Kolkata: The government of West Bengal is in a hurry to settle court cases related to Singur as political disillusion is setting in among farmers eagerly waiting to get back their land.

In order to fast track the court cases, the government has accepted Tata Motors' plea to amend its original petition that it had submitted to the Calcutta High Court on June 21, challenging the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act of 2011.

Representing the government, Advocate General Anindya Mitra said: "The Supreme Court had said that the main petition should be disposed of within one month and we are eager to follow directives and don't want to be a hindrance to the process." The state government's decision not to challenge the amendment came after it filed seven affidavits opposing it.

Indemnity clause

Speaking at the court on Friday for the first of the hearings, Tata Motors counsel Samaraditya Pal said: "In 2007 Tata Motors entered an agreement with West Bengal Industrial Corporation (WBIDC) [which] had agreed to an indemnity clause for any loss incurred by the company, and the state should honour its agreements."

Reminding the government, Pal said Tata didn't come to Bengal on its own. Other state governments also wanted to give land but they accepted the West Bengal governments offer as it wanted the project as role model and to turn the tide of anti-industrialisation in the state.

The petition pegged losses at Rs14 billion (Dh1.15 billion), including investment and other costs.

Other clauses were read in court that the state had agreed to, in order to bring the project to Bengal.