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Welcome cul_guy_4u!
UnitedPunjab.co.uk is a very diverse place. There is a lot to do here - the trick is just knowing where to look.

First, introduce yourself. We're a friendly bunch and we welcome newcomers to the Intro Section
As such, we all about conversation. Unlike other "bored at work" sites, we are much more than a collection of jokes, quizzes, links, Hindi and Punjabi movies, Full Hindi and Punjabi Albums, Softwares and much more.
We talk about pop culture, hobbies, raising kids, getting ahead at work, and just about anything else friends talk about.
So, if you are trapped in a cubicle at work or if you are a stay at home mom looking for something to do while the kids nap or you are just looking for some company and some fun, this is the place for you.

Handy Links

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English Movies:-

Music Albums:-

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Punjabi Music:

Enjoe :)

United Punjab Team
(Proud Punjabi's)
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