Ways to Deal with Stress


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Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. With increasing work pressures and changing lifestyle habits, stress is now a days experienced by almost everyone. Be it the kids, students, adults, women and old aged, all are equally troubled by increasing stress in life. While some stress in daily life is necessary to propel us towards our goals and objectives,oo much stress paves the path for mental and physical problems. Learning some ways to deal with stress can go a long way in stress management.

Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
Over stress hampers the ability of our minds to reach to effective and logical conclusions. Learning to eliminate factors that are causing too much stress in your life is essential for stress relief.

Ways to Deal with Stress at Work
You spend major fraction of your 24 hours at work. Long hours of work, pressure to perform to meet rising expectations, and least physical activity - all sum up to contribute to job stress. Here are tips to deal with stress at work.
• Balance your schedule to prioritize your tasks. Find a balance between work life, personal life and social life.
• Drop work and tasks that are not necessary for that day. If you've got too much work, select between "shoulds" and "musts".
• Leave for office early in the morning. When you reach before time, you can comfort yourself and be free of any last minute rush to your desk.
• Plan regular, smaller and productive breaks. This helps you to take off your mind from work for sometime and recharge your brain.
• Break big tasks into smaller projects and do them one by one, in small steps.
• Get involved in physical activity. Sitting for long hours in front of computers necessitates the need of some exercises. Best way is to practice yoga and meditation.
• Eat healthy, small and frequent meals.
• Get enough sleep so that you feel rejuvenated after a day's hard work.
• Practice skills of emotional intelligence at work, to eliminate stress.

Ways to Deal with Stress for Kids
Instead of healthy stress, children today encounter a number of stressful events at earlier stages of life. Complains about peer pressure, stomachaches, being nervous, angry and impatient at specific events, have increased in kids. Know some tips on stress management for kids here.
• Make kids aware that being angry, nervous, impatient and scared are normal feelings. Give them names for their feelings so that they're able to express themselves.
• Don't get them involve in competition. Foster the spirit of participation so that they can grow at their own speed.
• Teach them healthy life habits like going early to bed, getting up early in the morning, eating meals at fixed times and avoiding junk foods, in excess.
• Inculcate healthy habits like book reading, writing, drawing, dancing, paintings in kids so that they can create their own world of imagination.
• Use stories and books to teach them simple manners and life lessons.
• Give them arts, clay, crafts to express their feelings.
• Help them to take their own decisions by letting them arrange their own rooms, study desk and books. Slowly, they'll learn to manage and organize their work. It works wonders, try it.
• Teach them deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and stress relief yoga. It makes a real difference in the quality of their lives.
• Develop positive self esteem in children by making them realize their inherent talent. If they're aware of their special skills, they will be proud of themselves.

Causes that trigger stress in life must be realized and then eliminated. Physical ailments and medical conditions often make people worry to such an extent that they lose hope of recovery. For instance, there are several ways to deal with stress while pregnant, some women tend to get stressed as the pregnancy phase advances. This is mostly due conflict in prioritizing life, work and home life. Women must realize that pregnancy phase has to be dealt carefully to avoid any negative implications for kid as well as the mother. Decreasing stress is necessary in life to eliminate the risk of unwanted medical conditions and these ways to deal with stress, will help you in doing so. Remember, to follow these stress management tips to ensure that you lead a healthy life.