Rampuriya !!
On the stump of a tree,
I feel the zephyr from the sea,
but never feel as free as before,
as I meditate to that feeling's core.

I see the waves strike the shore,
though placidly, they never abate,
just like the love I?ve poured,
enduringly and never fake.

I pore on the waves,
being drawn to the spindrift that spilt,
they are as much as the blades
that were being used to cut up my heart, now split.

I hear the sounds of waves,
I fear the melodies they play,
they impart to me the loss of my greatest solace,
as they remind me of the regret I?ve to pay.
In those voices that drift around me,
I realize my choice has gone,
as I shout to the multitudinous sea,
?Her coolness chilled my bones!?

I lament to the sea,
"Who else can console me?"
Even its bounteous volume couldn?t store my woe.
I asked, "Why am I only being spellbound by this beauteous she?
Why has she become my speechless
but most adorable foe?"

I whisper to the sea,
unleash everything inside me,
and yearn for the waves to be my messengers,
for I need something to convey my desire to see her,
and to inform her,
I?m lonely in this north,
every moment I think of her and suffer.
May God bless, go, my waves,
tell her I miss her,
tell her that feelings are forever.

Oh, dear waves!
Do it for me, reach her,
and show your sympathy to me, please?.
Oh, my sea!
Listen to me,
I love her,
go, send my longing, don?t cease,
whatever the impediment is.