Was Guru Gobind Rai an enemy of Islam?


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Was Guru Gobind Rai an enemy of Islam?

Guru Gobind Rai was determined to exterminate the religious oppressin of the Mughal Government. He concentrated against the cruel government and not against Islam. There is no word in his speeches and writings to prove this baseless charge. He was embodiment of love and affection for all. His instructions to his sikhs were to treat everybody with courtesy and consideration. (he specifically forbade sikhs to have carnal knowledge of Muslim women) It was for this reason that both Muslims and Hindus were attracted towards him. Muslim Sufi saints and Muslim commanders of note, and hundreds of muslim soldiers fought under his banner. Pir Buddhu Shah of Sadhaura, together with his sons and 700 followers fought hard in the battle of Bhangani in which Pir lost two of his sons and hundreds of disciples. In the battle of Anandpur in 1702 (after the creation of Khalsa) Mir Beg and Mamun Khan commanded Guru's forces in fighting against Mughal forces. At the same place General Sayyid Khan of Mughal forces considered it improper and unjust to wage a war against the Guru. He deserted his post and joined the Guru. Nabi Khan and Ghani Khan saved Guru from the capture by Mughal army. Qazi Pir Mohammad who knew Guru, did not confirmed Guru's identity in front of Mughals, while Rae Kalha offered him refuge and entertained him generously.

In Akal ustat Guru says

1: "Some are Hindus while other Muslims.
of the latter some are Shias and
others are Sunnis. Man's caste should be
considered as one" (Manas ke
jat sabhai ekai pahchanbo)

2: "Karta Karim Rajak Rahim is the same.

3: "Temples and Mosques are the same. Hindu worship
and Muslim prayer are the same. All men are alike,
but they are under delusion.

4: All humans are composed of same elements.

5: All the knowable, the Puranas and the Quran are
the same. All are manifestations of one, and one
is the creator of all.

In the Jap Guru Gobind Rai has given 735
names to God. Of these 30 are of Islam.

He further says:
"Even in error deem not the God of the Hindus,
To be other than God of the Muslims;
Worship the one God,
Recognize the englightener;
All men have the same human form,
In all men blazes the same divine light.
(From Akal Ustat, swayyas)