Warming USB Glove


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For those who feel that they need that extra heat to their hands while using a computer, this is for you. Although I personally do not often feel such an experience, I’ve seen many people blowing at their fingertips so that they’ll be able to press the keys (maybe too much air conditioner?).

Well, perpetual kid has released a unique USB powered gloves. Named USB G-Gloves, it is a simple glove with a warming pad inside. The colorful and fashionable made out of wool gloves can rise 10 degrees within 5 minutes. Not only that, it has two levels of heating controls along with a separate USB cable for each glove so that a user will be able to use one or both gloves anytime they want. Also, as the glove is targeted more for the female market, the USB G-Gloves is a one sized glove that can fit most women.
At only $22.99, the gloves come in purple and pink versions.