Wanted - Angelina Jolie to play Draupadi!


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The wife of five brothers

Now, this one’s gonna be a massive casting coup, provided that filmmaker Prakash Jha manages to pull it off. Spurred by the success of his contemporary adaptation of The Mahabharata in Raajneeti, Jha is taking his ode to the epic further by making a full-fledged film that will be centred on the character of Draupadi, the wife of the five pandavas.

Yes, a film on Draupadi and that too for international audiences is what Jha intends to make. Moreover, his first choice to play the eponymous protagonist is the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

Jha says that he wanted to make a film on Draupadi for quite some time. He even tried roping in Madhuri Dixit for the role a few years back, but the project just fell through. Now, he’s reviving the film which he calls “the ultimate tribute to womanhood”.

“I’m going to make it as an international film with an international cast...” Jha is quoted as saying.

Now, the obvious question that pops up is - Will Jolie, or any other Hollywood star for that matter, be able to do justice to the complex character of Draupadi that’s so very seeped in Indian culture.