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STORY: A hooded vigilante is broadcasting murders on a news channel. Will the police catch him alive before he live-casts another death?

REVIEW: Wajah Tum Ho is the latest product on the assembly line of half-baked sex-thrillers. Which is unfortunate, because the idea isn’t half bad.

A tech genius hacks into a TV channel owned by Rahul Oberoi (Rajneish) and starts streaming a murder on it. Rahul - the prime suspect - is interrogated by inspector Kabir (Sharman) and defended by his lawyer, Siya (Sana). Siya’s boyfriend Ranveer (Gurmeet) is hired by the government to prosecute Rahul. The plot thickens (by about an inch) when another suspect is killed off on live TV.

On the surface level, live murders on national TV followed by a manhunt sounds like an intriguing plot. But minutes into the movie, intrigue gives way to intimate scenes, cringe-worthy dialogue and highly predictable twists.

At one point in the second half, you realize that a whole chunk from the first half was unnecessary; hacking is explained in a powerpoint presentation; several references are made to how a woman who sleeps with her boyfriend should not complain about rape and the big reveal at the end is devoid of logic. Another gripe: the shocking English pronunciation of all the actors. A speech coach would have been a good investment.

Rajneish, who changes his name’s spelling in every film, has to realize that the change has to be made elsewhere. Gurmeet flaunts his abs and not much else and Sharman, the only credible actor here, goes a little over-the-top with his enunciation. Sana, a Bigg Boss alumna, is still play-acting for 94 cameras instead of performing sincerely for one.

Three of the four songs are recreations of older hits and pop-up dutifully when there’s a lull in the screenplay. The background score refuses to die down and accompanies you throughout the movie.

There is no justifiable reason to recommend this one.

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