Vivek Oberoi pens poetry for wife-to-be Priyanka Alva


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Love brings out a shayar in Vivek

Vivek Oberoi shayar toh nahin. But ever since he fell in love with his fiancée and wife-to-soon-be Priyanka Alva, Vivek ko shayari aa gayi.

See, what love does to a person. Vivek Oberoi, who’s seen playing the angry young man more often than not on the silver screen, has been penning poetry for Priyanka, whom he will marry on October 29.

Vivek has written a poem for Priyanka which goes: “In a world of only two people who are each other's world...”

In fact, when Vivek talks about Priyanka, the words that come from his mouth are poetic, to say the least.

Sample this.

“Every day with her (Priyanka) is a blessing. In a world full of storms, she's my anchor. I live in a world of masks. I needed someone as real as she is. She is my home. She's the one I can come home to. She has changed my life,” Vivek says.

Wah! Vivek.