Vivek Oberoi in dilemma

Vivek Oberoi in dilemma​

Actor Vivek Oberoi, who recently tied the knot, seems besieged by an uncanny dilemma. And it has to do with his lifestyle.
According to recent reports, Vivek is confused about his vegetarian status these days. The actor, who is known to be the face of the vegetarian movement, is in a fix given the fact that his life partner is a strict non-vegetarian.
So, the dilemma troubling Vivek is whether he should stick to his vegetarian cause or get tempted to give it up for his partner’s sake. Though the problem is not an issue at the domestic front, but it is surely no lesser issue for Vivek to mull about.
Though, Vivek faces no compulsions to alter his eating preferences, the dilemma is still not over for him.