Vivek Oberoi gets angry over question about Salman Khan!


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Actor Vivek Oberoi has been glowing with jubilation as the days pass by and his wedding (October 29) with Priyanka Alva comes closer. But while giving promotional interviews for his upcoming film Rakta Charitra, Vivek saw red and got angry over a question about Salman Khan.

Vivek was happily giving the interview when the TV reporter suddenly asked him a question that left the actor stumped.

The reporter asked if Vivek would invite Salman Khan to his wedding. The question clearly didn’t please Vivek.

What next? From what we hear, Vivek stopped the interview there and then and asked the reporter to apologize for the insensitive question. When the reporter didn’t, Vivek walked out, leaving everyone in disbelief.

In the past, Vivek has handled questions about Salman quite gracefully. But this time, with all the positive vibes about his wedding and upcoming film, the question about his arch foe clearly didn’t please him.