VIP Lily !


tusi buss party hi mangdee rihaa karoo :thappar

linee vich lagoo party layi mei sabhhh tooh muhreee ahh awein short cut marinnn :kpw


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Thank you soooooooo much ... Dhillon ji... As you all know why I joined the UNP :b .. But I really loved Punjabi culture coz all of you guys ... You alllllllllllllll are soooooooooo nice and kind.. first I thought that you all will ignore me when you'll know that am an Emirati but I was wrong ... you all guys respect other people feelings... and love each other ..
Dhillon ji ... thank you once again..
thank you arpita, SehaJ, KPW, honey, Sonia NZ, SherDil, Rani, Bhuvesh and all my friends...
Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much........