Village of Unmarried People's Road to Love

The remote village of Barwaan Kala, west of Bihar in the heart of the Kaimur Hills in India, is the home of some 121 bachelors between the ages of 16 and 80.

Since the village is so remote and there are no decent roads to allow outsiders to travel to and from the village, it has become known locally as the ?Village of Unmarried People?.

The townsfolk have longed dreamed that they would be able to have a road developed so that they could finally attract women from local villages to come and visit them.

This vision seemed a lot closer to fruition when during the last state assembly elections, a party candidate, Ram Chandra Singh Yadav, visited the village and promised that if elected, he would build them a road. He also made one promise that he didn?t keep; namely, that he would not get married unless he could build the villagers a road.

?The biggest problem for us and for outsiders is the difficult hilly terrain to pass through,? said 40-year-old bachelor Ram Lal Yadav.

The men got tired of waiting for help, and armed with tools, decided to take matters into their own hands. Although they have collectively laid more than half of the four-mile stretch of road across very hilly terrain, there are legal problems that may stand in their way to their path of happiness.

Unfortunately, The area is within a zone that protects wild life and where guidelines for construction projects are strictly enforced.

After all of their work, the government may intervene and stop them from completing their road to ecstasy.

Perhaps they could claim that as bachelors without potential heirs they represent an ?endangered species??

Hopefully then the government will take pity on these poor men and let them finish their road that can only lead to the better things in life.

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