Viewsonic to launch an Android tablet?


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Another day, another report that an electronics maker plans to launch an Android powered tablet. This time, it’s Viewsonic’s turn at the wheel. is reporting that the big V could launch a 7 inch tablet running Google Android 2.2 Froyo this fall. The tablet will reportedly have a camera, 3G connectivity, and the ability to make voice calls, making the Viewsonic tablet a bit like an enormous smartphone — or a normal sized Huawei S7.

Odds are you aren’t going to want to hold a 7 inch tablet up to your head to make calls, so I imagine the tablet will feature Bluetooth for connecting a headset… or at least a mic/headset jack.

The tablet should run between $477 and $637 in Europe. There’s no word on whether Viewsonic’s Android tablet will be available int he US anytime soon.

If you want to take a gander at a machine that could be an early prototype, you might want to check out the ViewSonic VTablet 101 which was introduced in China earlier this year. The 8.9 inch tablet has an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset and a 1024 x 800 pixel display.