Lyrics Victoria Justice - Broken Glass - Lyrics


Well-known member
It’s fun to run, it’s fun to play,
It’s fun to make things out of clay,
It’s fun to fill your car with gas,
It’s fun to break…
things made of glass!

But broken glass can cut your hand,
And then
you’ll bleed across the land,
Ask any woman,
child or man,

The dangers you could pass
With broken glass…
Broken Glass…

But broken glass is not a food,
So don’t you listen to some dude,
Who says put cheese on broken glass,
And make a sand-a-wich!
Out of broken glass…

Broken Glass isn’t
good for your tummy,
Although you may think
it’s kind of yummy,
Don’t eat that glass, d
on’t be a dummy,
Just stay in school and
don’t eat broken glass,
Don’t eat broken glass,

Let’s sing a song about broken glass,
I’ll help you write it after class,
There is no song that can surpass
The song we sing,
About broken glass…2x