>>>>>'Victim Of Innocence' >>>>


These poems were forwarded off to me by a frnd :so :so jus sharin it with yh alll :baby :baby

'Victim Of Innocence'

Tears are not but meant to flow I am a victim of my own innocence I am my own curse and everyone’s puppet I expect nothing more than hate So go ahead and push me away Maybe this is what I was created for Maybe I bear this pain because I can live with it Is this a test? Will this ever really end? The truth I may never know as misery lies within me I’m being punished for the sin I have commited…..sin of Kindness n love


1) Do you still feel lonely when you think of me?
In a room full of people but still feels empty
I can’t fight the tears that remind me of your face
Or how I dealt when I always felt replaced

Hasn’t been easy forgetting you
But I promise the walls will fall before I do.


What happened to our love, it used to be soo bright,
Loving, laughing caring, it carried us through any fight.

You were by one and only love, I cared for you too much,
There was never anyone else that had that gently touch.

What we share is special, but I fear its coming to an end,
Because my heart is soo broken, it's becoming harder to mend.

The more time that goes by we keep drifting apart,
But how do I walk away from you, when you hold the key to my heart.

I used to be scared of love
Cause I've seen what it can do

I used to be scared of love
For fear of being used

I used to be scared of love
Until you showed me yours was true

I used to be scared of love
Until I fell in love with you.