Viber introduces Skype like Video Calling service

Viber introduces Skype like Video Calling service in Viber 4.1

Viber has recently released a new version for all its Android, iOS and Desktop users. The new Viber 4.1 comes with a new feature called as Vibe Out and with lots of new stickers. The new Viber Out feature is very similar to Skype and will allow you to make calls on any mobile or landline number across the globe with the help of Viber credits.

The calling features were firstly introduced for Philippines Viber users and now it is available for everyone. To make any call, you have to buy Viber Credits from Viber store, which you can easily access in the smartphone or desktop Viber client. The company also claims that there calling rates are cheaper than Skype’s current calling rated. For example, it cost 36.5 cents for 3 minutes call to an Indian landline number on Skype, while on fiber it costs just 7.5 US cents.

You can download the latest version of Viber from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and from Viber’s Official Website.

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