Vexed with frequent power cuts, wife seeks divorce


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Patna: A woman in Bihar has sought divorce from her husband because she is irritated at long and frequent power cuts at her in-laws' house. The incident has forced the husband to seek instant judicial intervention.

This is the first time in Bihar, and perhaps in the whole of India, that the lack of basic facilities at an in-laws' house has put the marital life of a newly-wed couple in danger.

Authorities said Namita Chandra of Patna was married to Satish Chandra in central Bihar's Buxur town some five years back and everything was going well until the power crisis occurred. Their marital life hit the rocks after the whole of Bihar plunged into the worst-ever power crisis this summer. The town suffered from hour-long power cuts or were left without power for many days at a time.

The power situation led to tension between the couple as the woman refused to live with her husband in the absence of power. She complained she often had to go without a shower for days.

As the situation turned grim, the wife would often leave for her parents' house in Patna where power is available compared to the district towns.

She is said to have become upset at her husband when he prevented her from visiting her parents' home.

Irked by her behaviour, the husband reported the matter to the local police. His wife reacted by serving him a legal notice saying she did not want to live with him since there is no power at her in-laws' house where they live.

The husband later made every effort to placate her but she refused to relent.

Instead, she suggested her husband abandon his ancestral house and live with her in Patna as an alternative to keep the marriage alive. But here the man refused.

Immediate intervention

The husband has now filed a petition in a local court seeking immediate judicial intervention to ensure their married life did not break up over the power.

The court has posted the case for hearing, giving it top priority.

The power situation has been at its worst in Bihar for the past three months leading to violent protests on the streets across the state.