Verzo Kinzo Android Smartphone

Ready to check out a phone brand you’ve never seen or heard of before? Of course you are.

The Kinzo is tipped to sell on the company’s website first, where shipments will be made to US and across the pond shortly after that.

The brand is playing the humility card in its release, claiming that it’s not trying to change everything or be the next Samsung or Apple, nor is it going to be “the slimmest, fastest, or the best for now.” However, Verzo plans to be open to suggestions and actively involved in what its customers love and hate about its products.

The company aims to first sell the Kinzo on its website, with shipments to the US and Europe shortly after; the rollout will continue in Russia, China, South America and the Middle East in late 2011 / early 2012.

Verzo’s definitely worked up a nifty teaser here, so how intrigued are you? Check out a few more images of the Kinzo below, and follow past the break for the company’s press release.