Very Very Sad Things

Saini Sa'aB

OMG, it's so sad.

Wasted chicken nuggets:

This Pug staring longingly at an empty cupcake wrapper:

When Chipotle closes unexpectedly:

A hedgehog in a cast:

A fat dog in a stroller:

What people will think of the future:

Ice cream on the ground:

This dead Chalupa:

Kidz Bop the book:


Saini Sa'aB


This tiny little breakfast:

A dog sitting on another dog's head:

This miserable baby on a swing:

This miserable puppy on a swing:

Keanu Reeves quotes:

This missing Chihuahua:


This newspaper clipping:


Saini Sa'aB

The Situation swimming in a pile of money. He makes $5 million a year:


Squirrels with yogurt cups stuck on their heads:

This dog that obviously doesn't want to be dressed as a taco:

A cat trying to escape from a shower:

The real doll support group:

This Borders sign:

Popular music:


Saini Sa'aB

Plastic surgery:

Twilight Moms:

A baby elephant stuck in a drain:

The fact that this lady exists:

San Francisco:

Sad Walrus:

This mugshot:

Extreme Justin Bieber fans:

Luke Perry at DragonCon


Saini Sa'aB

Lonely Cheetos:

Cher's lack of internet knowledge:

Santa Pug:

This guy:

"To Catch A Predator" online conversations:

This Christmas card: