Veho launches Mimi Keyboard -Gamepad -Mouse Hybrid


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Veho Mimi Keyboard-Gamepad-mouse is a hybrid device launched by Veho which is a leading gadget producer internationally. This device is not just a wireless keyboard with the regular functions; in fact it can also work as a gamepad along with functioning as a gyro mouse. This gadget can work in compatibility with HTPC or PC games easily.

The features provided with Veho Mimi include user definable hot keys, a motion sensing air mouse, LED indicators for battery status and others. The ergonomic gamepad has two analogy joysticks and also digital buttons for easy navigation. The charging of this device can be done through mini USB port which is also provided with this gadget.

The battery provided is a rechargeable one with 1100mAh power. It takes up to 3 hours to charge it fully and can remain effective for 20 hours even on constant use. Additional features provided are trusty 8 way D pad and 4 axis 10 fire buttons.