'Vampire' attackers drink New Zealand man's blood: report


WELLINGTON: The authorities in New Zealand have charged three people for allegedly biting a man and drinking his blood in a "vampire" attack, a report said Thursday.

James Brooks, 22, and Xenia Borichevsky, 19, appeared in court Wednesday and a warrant was issued for the arrest of the third accused, James Orr, 19, following the incident in Wellington in February, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.

Brooks told the newspaper that all three bit the victim, but he did not personally drink any blood, although he added he understood some blood had been drunk.

"That wasn't me. Do I look like a vampire? I'm out during the day time," the newspaper quoted him as saying outside the court.

Brooks said he, his girlfriend, a friend and the unnamed victim had left a party when the attack happened.

Brooks said he had bitten the victim, who had tried to pick up his girlfriend.

"Yeah, I bit a guy... he hit on my missus. My girlfriend and my mate were biting him. I was angry with him, so I used it as an excuse," he told the Dominion Post.

The victim apparently passed out after the attack.

The three accused are due to reappear in court next month charged with wounding with intent to render a man unconscious.


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Re: 'Vampire' attackers drink New Zealand man's blood: repor

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