>>>>>valentine gifts---->>>>>>


man oh man its soo hard to find gifts for yer valentinoo >lu

so what do ye peepz think are the perfect valentine gifts for guys as well as for gyalsss any ideassss unp mimberoooo


Focusing on ________
my sis bought a tommy wallet which is simply HOT

so like buy something simple with a touch of royalty

makes it all special :wig


~~brOwn sUg@~~
Sonia_Nz said:
realli nice gift so tht he dun have any excuse wen he gets l8 again n makes ya wait on yer date :mean :mean

so very true n a classy watch makes a perfect accessory........some of da brands dat i wud go fo r DKNY, gucci, JAG, ESPRIT, swatch, giordano...................


Done Deal !
how abt a bottle of Hypnotic :talli :talli :talli :talli
Joking kardi si..........:y rofl rofl rofl rofl
mainu ta pata nahi, ask him wat i give him as gifts, and see if they are cute and classy nuff? hun apne moonho appe apni tareef thode na kari jaava.........b'day te kuj pejya si


:gig aye hayee ki bhejiaaa sii veeraa nuuu hun tehh minuuu suspenseeee diii jarr tak janaa penaaaa nai teh neeenii naii aunii