Vacuum Innovation: A Brick-Laying, Cleaning Machine


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Changing the vacuum bag or cleaning the inside of a bag-less vacuum can be a real hassle. The mess and dirt the time and effort, not to mention the mess from bag-less vacuums, make cleaning your house a chore. With the invention of the LG Kompressor, you can now clean your house- and forget about the messy residue.
The vacuum will turn all of the dust, trash, and other particles into compact bricks. It can store 4 times as much as a regular vacuum, due to its compressing technology- and it is one of the smallest vacuums of its magnitude.
Expect the Kompressor to be in stores this April, just in time to get all your spring cleaning done. It works wonders for allergies, so be sure to get it before the next allergy outbreak hits. Since the dust and particles are compacted into bricks, this is great for the allergy prone- it’ll take all the dust out of the air and keep it out.
When it hits in April, don’t worry about being last in the waiting line. The $400 price tag will keep most people away, despite its features. If you have suffered or still suffer from allergies, nevertheless, this is a great buy.