US mother, who once married her son, gets arrested for marrying her daughter

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Patricia Ann Spann, a 43-year-old mother from Oklahoma, US, married her son in 2008.
In March 2016, she married her daughter.
Now, she is in jail.

Why? How? Questions? Here's her story:


Patricia, for reasons unknown, had lost custody of three children. One of their grandparents, then, took them in and started looking after them.
In 2008, Patricia married her son.
It's not quite known as to why Patricia and he got married. But as per an affidavit, the unnamed son filed for an annulment 15 months after the marriage, reasoning that his "wife" was actually his birth mother.
Then, some two years ago, Patricia reunited with her biological daughter, Misty Spann.
This March, she and her 25-year-old Misty decided to tie the knot.
But then, the police found out.
Authorities issued arrest warrants for the mother-daughter duo for incest, after their "unorthodox" relationship was discovered last month during a child welfare investigation.
Patricia, however, claims she did not know she was violating any law by marrying her daughter, as she was not listed as a parent on Misty's birth certificate.
The reason as to why the two got married still remains unclear. What we know is that both the women were being help in a jail in Duncan, Oklahoma.