Uri attack: Twitterati ask PM to shed ‘strategic restraint’, let Pak ‘have it’

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An Indian Army brigade headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri was attacked by armed militants on Sunday. Four militants were confirmed killed after the hours-long battle, which also claimed the lives of 17 soldiers — making it the most deadly attack in the northern region of the state in recent years.
Though the nationality of the assailants was yet to be confirmed, many were quick to point fingers at Pakistan on Twitter, also calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take retaliatory action. Others attempted to justify the attack as a reaction to alleged rights violations in Kashmir and the PM’s overtures about Balochistan.

Sanjay Jha ✔ @JhaSanjay
India's national security has been seriously compromised on account of failed foreign policy and a weak, incompetent leadership. #UriAttack
11:24 AM - 18 Sep 2016

Manak Gupta ✔ @Manakgupta
Dear @narendramodi, entire nation is looking at you. They elected you for your promises. When will you walk the talk. #UriAttack
12:11 PM - 18 Sep 2016

Enough @narendramodi sir
17 soldiers martyred.
Pakistanis have chosen war.
Let them have it.
11:31 AM - 18 Sep 2016 · Dehradun, India, India

Shekhar Gupta ✔ @shekharGupta
If Pakistan thinks #UriAttack will have usual Indian non-response, it's delusional. This India has moved on from old strategic restraint
12:01 PM - 18 Sep 2016 · New Delhi, India, India

Sanjana @isanjanaPatel
Pakistan be ready to #LiberateBalochistan , Your time is going to over. Enough is enough. #UriAttack @rajnathsingh @narendramodi
11:57 AM - 18 Sep 2016

PhD in Bak*****☔ @Atheist_Krishna
Can i ask Mr PM @narendramodi . Why are you still sleeping? #UriAttack
11:44 AM - 18 Sep 2016

From the other side of the border, some Pakistanis justified the attack as a reaction to India’s attempts to quell protests in Kashmir.

Mehrban Arif Awan @MaMehrban
Every action has reaction. #UriAttack
10:50 AM - 18 Sep 2016

Umar#Freedom4Kashmir @ufmalik786
Kashmiri independence movement would succeed InshaAllah... that said innocent civilians must not be a target #UriAttack
11:37 AM - 18 Sep 2016

Aßid Khan @A_KhanX2
Indian army is good only in abusing and killing unarmed people. They lack skills to face combatants.. #UriAttack
11:45 AM - 18 Sep 2016

The timing of the attack — when India planned to raise the issue of state sponsorship of terrorism at the United Nations — was also called into question.

usman idrees @usmanidrees90
Indians trying to build a case of persecution just before #UNGA . Such low-end tactics won't do any good#UriAttack
11:28 AM - 18 Sep 2016

سید میم- M Syed @seenmeme
The #Uri attack comes as Pakistan is ready to raise #Kashmir at UN. Should make some heads roll.
11:13 AM - 18 Sep 2016