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Reason for low registration count on unp

the sign-up process is a tough nut to crack for most

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Re: Reason for low registration count on unp

lol, kai ta colour of grass nu 'grean' likhi jande.

fer kende 'website not taking me'


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[02:13] [Thank You] : JB taan aaj kal aunda hi ghat aa
[02:12] [Thank You] : Bus dhiilon nu rishwat mil gi honi
[02:12] Mahaj : Sarey members nu selfian post karnia mandatory :P
[02:12] Mahaj : Alone admin?
[02:10] BaBBu : congrats
[02:09] [Thank You] : Congrats alone
[02:07] { ƤΩƝƘΩĴ } : fer ik munda hor admin honna chahida
[02:06] { ƤΩƝƘΩĴ } : lily v admin te alone v


amidst reports of corruption
several unpians are now thronging liquor shops
in order to please his royal highness tillon


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Being sick and tired of Bsnl broadband services, notorious unpian marju
decided to smash the junction box of his street and get a jio sim instead.

An alert police party caught him in the act and arrested him
on charges of destroying the internet.

The sitting judge, who is himself said to be a sufferer of bsnl,
decided to let him off. He also instructed the bsnl officials
to raise the post Fup speed to 1MBps.

This announcement rejoiced consumers across the nation.
With several terming marju as the modern-day moses
for the bsnl broadband clan.


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Several high-profile unpians were conspicuous by their absence in the
"Congratulation Miss Alone on Becoming Admin" thread.

However, some of them were found submitting a memorandum to the site operator
about alleged irregularities in the staff selection process.

Sources say, your majesty is known to use such documents to wipe.


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