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Couple of years back an acquaintance made a userscript where we could follow our fav uploaders on a ddl forum
The script highlighted their threads in a different color.. easier for us to check their uploads :-D

Both unp & that board use vB as forum software so main us script nu unp vaste edit karta

I present you.. UNP Member Follower

// ==UserScript==
// [USER=10072]@Name[/USER]          UNP Member Follower
// [USER=10072]@Name[/USER]space     er0+q
// @include       [url]http://unp.me/f*[/url]
// @include       [url]http://unp.me/search/*[/url]
// @include       [url]https://www.unp.me/f*[/url]
// @include       [url]https://www.unp.me/search/*[/url]
// @grant         none
// @author        er0+q
// @version       1.0
// ==/UserScript==

/* --------- Note ---------

  Add usernames "exactly" as they are, under var userList = [
  Add them between "Start of Add usernames"  & "End of Add usernames"
  Few examples are added. Entries can be placed on 1 line or many lines
  'user 1',
  'user 2',
  'user 3',

  'user 1', 'user 2', 'user 3',
  'user 1', 'user 2', 'user 3', 'user 4', 'user 5', 'user 6',
  'user 7', 'user 8', 'user 9', 'user 10', 'user 11', 'user 12',
  'user 13', 'user 14',
  Personally, I prefer single quotes but you can also use double quotes
  "user 1", "user 2", "user 3",
  Guide to Color in HTML
  Colors can be added as HTML Named Colors, or hex values preceded by #, for example #000000 means black. 
  There is also a shorthand version of it which is #000. 
  Shorthand hex would duplicate each value, therefore #abc is the same as #aabbcc. 
  XHTML requires the use of lowercase characters although both will be acceptable. 
  Third method is to use RGB values.

  --------- History ---------

  1.0 Initial release

var userList = [

/* ------ Start of Add usernames ------ */

'user 2',
'user 3',

/* ------ End of Add usernames ------ */

var highlightColor = '#ffdead';    // you can change this value to any valid HTML color

/* ------ Do not edit after this line ------ */

'use strict';

(function name() { // Anonymous function wrapper, used for error checking to end execution

if (window.self !== window.top) { return; } // end execution if in a frame

var snapElements = document.evaluate(
    './/td [contains(@id,"td_threadtitle_")] //span [contains(@onclick,"members/")]',
    document.body, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null);

if (!snapElements.snapshotItem(0)) { return; }  // end execution

for (var i = 0, len = snapElements.snapshotLength; i < len; i++) {
  var thisUser = snapElements.snapshotItem(i).innerHTML; // get the username

  // check against userList --- for loop is much faster than indexof Array
  for (var n = 0, userLen = userList.length; n < userLen; n++) {
    if (thisUser === userList[n]) {
      // tr - td id="td_threadtitle_*****" - div class="smallfont"  - span
      var thisParent = snapElements.snapshotItem(i).parentNode.parentNode.parentNode;
      for (var n = 0, plen = thisParent.children.length; n < plen; n++) {
        thisParent.children[n].style.backgroundColor = highlightColor;

})(); // end of anonymous function

to run this you need tampermonkey (opera & clan) or greasemonkey (firefox)

once installed just edit the script to your liking
fill their username in the given format
I have added D to it already
so it looks something like this


tusi bas naam add karde jao
threads aape highlight ho jaange in normal forum browse + search pages
like 2nd screenshot ch search keyword hai "unp"



you need to be logged in
kioki eh username based hai.. so tuhanu ohna de name change de hisaab naal esnu edit karna pena har waar
je kal nu unp forum software change kardi hai ya kuch url structure update hunda.. this will stop working

coding credit: er0
if anything breaks.. you are on your own

If you dunno how to install or run a .js file.. google it

ps: they are more likely to post fotos on fb & stuff like that
so dont bother.. eh script initially sirf downloading lai help vaste banai si
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