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Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
Logo banao, Use this image as background

(may change width,par height ni)


transparent gif bana do



its a pretty simple and small one, so as not to make things heavy
i dunno if you guys gonna kinda like it or wht .. but i hope you will ;) lol
plzz let me know if you like it , and also any changes , additions to it


Focusing on ________
y r all of 'em so big :kin

te a simple thing saying unp doesnt really say nething bout the site ... do u guys get wat im saying :an ?


the one i posted is nt big lol
its of same size as of image dhillon posted.

its due to fixed height and width specifed in mbbs code's decoding here that its appearning so big.


Ki Zor Gareeba Da
Teri kali di salah ni mangi kise ne nikamiye:p....naale sadiya 2 votes ho gayiya meri te rupy di te i hope99.9 nu v ehi chanaga lagu:p:jatti
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