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I was long connected to LoveChandigarh; actually it was me who started the forum there, not taking credit in any way but just a bit proud of that fact. (My Id should be #2 there also if they haven’t changed it - LoveChandigarh.Com - View Profile: Dhillon )
We were a happy little community but then the things got pear shaped (at least for me) and I left LC.
One evening after a couple of beers with Bunty (my flat mate) we were discussing websites, he suggested the name unitedpunjab. Later that night I registered a free domain www.unitedpunjab.be and started a forum. For about a week I was the only one there. Most of my online friends were already on LC and I didn’t feel it proper to break anyone from there (till date I personally haven’t invited a single member of LC).
One day chatting with Rupy on yahoo, he asked me to start a web forum. I told him about www.unitedpunjab.be. He did most of the work from there, Inviting Jay, Marjana, Neil & others.
Then Ominous (Gagan) joined UNP, I wonder where we would be if not for him.
Once the forums started Rolling we changed www.unitedpunjab.be to UNP ~Keeping Desi Roots Alive~ on
November 23 2005 & now its [URL="www.unp.me]www.unp.me[/URL]
UNP is growing ever since and soon some new features will be added.

Nice paaji 😊 You have created a fabulous forum by the way. Very active! (Sha gaya Dhilloan da Munda 😋)