UNP da nagine -4 - Auditions

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
Staff member
After the high milestones of UNP de nagine -I,II & III, This time UNP de Nagine-4 should be something different and more attractive, so please start giving your ideas and nominate yourself,

Kujh ideas mere dimaag ch already ne, oh mein dass dinna

Here is the list...
1. Dhillon bolliyan pao is baar :speech
2. Atleast one line from all Team Members in the song (everybody have to sing)
3. RAP from Ginni along wid greji RAP of Deepu, A combined RAP without any laara lappa :harvi
4. we need atleast 3 female singers.
5. UJ waangu 2-3 guest appearance wi paawange
6. Music from DJBALLI :harvi
7. Stills and Video from professionals (please participate & nominate urself)- Waise JD ne att banayi si video,, if anybody wants to help him, please nominate urself

te je ikk male te female professional singer mil jaan, tan ki kehne yaar,, mein lyrics de dao attt jehe,, if anybody can sing,,, pher appa song e bna dena poora duet :harvi...

baaki If you guys have some more good & innovative ideas, Please share the same.

Let's make this edition as the perfect one....