UNP Android App launched


$idha $adha DecenT J4tt
just keeps loading on Galaxy I9103
and force close after some time,
@android 2.3.5
hope you fix ... cpu usage upto 60%...doesnt respond


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^^^^ Are u Using 2G Network :-?

and try to run the app after running internet in you Mobile like-
after activating net then goto internet explorer
This will make your internet Connection Alive then Run the App :d

Working fine for me :d on my Galaxy Y using Wifi
on 2G it will vary on the speed of your Service Provider
so i recommend to use 3G or Wifi network :y


$idha $adha DecenT J4tt
yeah i'm on airtel and they have problem in keep alive connection,

but i think it may not be compatible with dual core cpu's [as doesnt work on SGS2 I9100 and I9103]
in task manager its red quoted giving >60 % cpu usage
anyways, good app
hope gets updated...:)