"Unlimited Internet Usage" not actually "Unlimited"


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Yup, just as the title describes; Unlimited doesn't actually mean unlimited! I'm in the UK and of course, we have many different internet companies such as "TalkTalk" and such. i'm currently with a company known as "British Telecoms" (BT for short))

Now then, you've probably heard all these internet companies giving away "unlimited usage of up to MB broadband". As I recall, these can sometimes include "Unlimited Phone Line Usage" and of course, the cheap television service. Usually, I would be one to jump at the chance of being promised "Unlimited Internet usage for £18" but of course; theirs always a catch!!!

I used to be with AOL at one point, after the Asian telephone person told me the same technological bo**ocks over and over again thinking i didn't know he was taking the mick and hadn't a clue what he was on about! (which, to be honest, he sounded as confused as a cat with a bird on the other side of a window)

Now then, im currently on BT's "Total Brodban Option 3" which gave me the promise of unlimited usage with up to 20mb speeds... big emphasis on the "UP TO" (lets face it, i only know one person who gets just over 19MB and they life in the middle of no-where...) Now then, i recieved the most ridiculous email ever:
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HOLD IT!! (Good ol' Phoenix Wright) I was promised that i would get unlimited broadband, surely that can't be right? well, looks like the fish is stuck in the net... I've been had!!

on BT's fancy lil web page, it doesn't mention anything about my downloading having a limit!!! oh but it does, i missed one tiny little problem... the little symbol next to each little detail. not many people want to read small print so they ignore those symbols (such as ^ and *) but, unfortunately you have to take note!!! so what did i do? i decided to flick through a few of the pages.. and when i found this "Bt Option 3" it didn't mention anything about a download cap! only that the offer was extended to date xx/yy... i even looked for this so called "fair usage policy" and in the end... my old friend Google had to lend a hand...

oh no what do we have here!!! monthly usage is still "Unlimited*" for my option... and the little * leads to a "subject to netwrok management"... no help at all! so is this email REALLY genuine? hmm well the email address states it is... but wait theres more!! if you scroll down to the "network management" section... it clearly states the following:

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so now what? i wont get charged if i go over the "100gb" limit but i will get my speed capped for 30 days if i do... well kiddos, looks like the "Unlimited web usage and up to 20mb download speeds" is a arce... leave up some comments on what you think of this and ill gladly reply! why not leave a message about a bad experience with internet providers and ill post it up in my next article and what i think?