United Punjab - #1 Punjabi Forum

We all know United Punjab is the #1 Punjabi forum so let me just get the statistics down... (clears throat)

Ok so UNP has everything all of those other Punjabi forums have plus more! We have a great UNP Team, who support the "citizens" of UNP, we have great moderators... uh em... we have Dhillonji :kiven , and above all, we've got a huge crowd of people that can destroy the competition. So here's the stats on "population".

(Note: All results are as of December 24th, 2008, 3:00pm PTZ :y)


Rangla Punjab - 890 members :lol

Apni Punjabi - 1,153 members :slap Nyce... I think

Love Patiala - 2,336 members >d What the heck is this?

Punjabi Janta - 8929 members :an Ooookay

Pendu Boys- 14,143 members :haha

LoveChandigarh - 20,439 members :zzz

- 46,918 members :yj Balle! Shava!

We did all this w/o a movies section! Wooooooohoooo! UNITED PUNJAB is clearly theeee best best best Punjabi forum in the world and I am proud to be a chownkidaar... I mean moderator :p on UNP. :y

SANJAY aka reallycool0


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
In my opinion statistics doesn't mean much, just matters how content you are with what you have and achieved.
Running a forum ( big or small ) can be very tedious and at times even thankless job, All forum owners are doing a very commendable job and deserved to be respected and thanked for what they have given to the community.
That's true @ Dhillonji... but I've had my "experiences" with visiting other forums and just mentioning a different forum on the other forum is like :t

I personally think UNP is the best so that's why I said that... :da