Union govt ‘not serious on black money issue’


Staff member
Jalandhar March 10:

The All-India Left Coordination today alleged that the Hasan Ali Khan’s case had proved that the Centre was not serious to dig out black money and check the practice of money laundering in the country.

Criticising the government for investigating only tax evasions by Hasan Ali but not sources through which he amassed assets of $8 billion, representatives of the coordination rued that it was strange that the government itself had “adopted the role of money launderer for such people, who could get all their crimes condoned by simply paying income tax”.

The representatives were here today to announce the schedule of a national-level agitation against corruption and price rise and a protest march to Parliament on March 14. At a press conference organised here, Swapan Mukherjee, central committee member of the CPI (M-L) Liberation, said the only fact being propagated in Ali’s case was tax evasion committed by him to the tune of Rs 40,000-50,000 crore. The government was least interested to investigate how a stud farm owner had managed to amass assets of over $8 billion, he added.

The coordination is a conglomerate of four Left parties, the CPI (ML) Liberation, the CPM (Punjab), the Lal Nishan Party, Maharashtra, and the Left Coordination Committee, Kerala.