Udemy - Medium Blogging: Get Your First 1000 Medium Followers

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Udemy - Medium Blogging: Get Your First 1000 Medium Followers

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Lectures 39
Length 3 hours
Skill Levels Beginner Level
Languages English
Published 10/2017

Do you want to succeed on the world’s biggest online blogging platform Medium and gain thousands of followers? Then this course is for you!
You will get deep insights into Medium analytics, editing and publishing of articles, growth strategies to bring your account up to a 1000 followers and more within the first month, long-term marketing strategies and writing habits.
Our Masterclass starts out by teaching you the basics of Medium and how to write highly converting, interesting articles, we will then move on to medium analytics, growth hacking strategies and marketing where you will get my exclusive 200 Dollar excel spreadsheet completely for free, and I will then finish off by showing you how to set up your own magazine on Medium and how you can attract well-known bloggers from different industries to write for your magazine.
After completely this course, you will have your own magazine on hand, specific concepts on how to write and promote articles, and know exactly how to keep your brand vital and growing!
A lot of people are not on Medium yet. Why?
1. They have given up on their dream of turning blogging into a profession and don' think there will ever be an opportunity to make it happen for them.
2. They have not heard of Medium yet or think it is just another social media platform
3. They are afraid of joining one of the fastest growing platforms in the world!
So, what exactly are you going to learn in this course?
Discover their potential to start an online blog or online magazine
Master the art of writing highly converting and interesting-to-read articles for all demographics
Grasp the concept of brand awareness and know how to spread it
Start their own Medium account, manage it properly and gain 1000+ followers within the first month
Do online marketing via various platforms for their article(s) and magazine(s)
Use multiple highly effective growth hacking strategies in order to drive traffic to their Medium profile
Build highly converting online surveys with the online software ‚typeform'
Use spell-checking software properly in order to never have to worry about spelling and grammar anymore
and much more!
I want my students to always feel comfortable when they make a purchase, thats why I have uploaded multiple free videos for you to view at any time.
Additionally, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee!
You have nothing to risk and everything to gain! Click on the enroll button right now and I will see you in the course!
Yours sincerely,
Leon Chaudhari
- Instructor -

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