Ubuntu Netbook Edition for ARM gets a video demo


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Canonical has been working on a version of Ubuntu that’s optimized to run on ARM-based mini-laptops, and it looks like it’s slated for release in July. In fact, it sounds like the company has gone as far as giving the new release a new name: Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.7.

Charbax from ARMDevices caught up with canonical at an event recently and got a chance to check out a mini-laptop designed by Pegatron with a Freescale i.MX51 processor running the new version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition customized for ARM-based chipsets.

One of the primary differences between the ARM version of Ubuntu Netbook Edition and the version built for x86 processors is that Ubuntu 10.7′s program launcher doesn’t require 3D hardware drivers since the whole thing is designed with 2D graphics. I have to say, the UI looks awfully snappy on the demo unit.

[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEovlXFKm84&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Ubuntu 10.7 Smartbook Edition coming for ARM!