Tytler, your request has been rejected


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From: jagdish tytler [mailto:tytler.jagdish@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 7:03 AM
To: ; news@panthic.org
Subject: Report against tempering of photograph

Dear Editors,
I have an objection in the photograph that has been put up on your website after tempering. The word guilty has been put over the photograph. This photograph is cause trouble in my political and personal life. How is it possible to put the term someone guilty before the judgement of the court?
I hope you will put done the photograph and will do great favour to me. The photograph is located at

You can also contact me in case you need proofs of my non-involvement in 1984 riots.

Expecting friendly response,

Jagdish Tytler
Your request has been rejected. You have only been concerned with your own political career. In fact, you committed these crimes in 1984 as a means to advance your political career. Panthic.Org is not in the business of protecting or advancing the political career of an unethical politician. Nor is Panthic.Org in the business in believing the GUILTY are innocent.

In the past, you have escaped judgment from courts but sooner or later you will have to face the court of Dharam Raj and face the true verdict. Will you also ask the Divine Judge to erase Guilty from his book of deeds? You will not be able to bribe, threaten, or manipulate the true Court of Justice. Panthic.org believes in the same verdicts as the Divine Judge; you have not provided sufficient evidence in proving your innocence.

In your letter you stated “How is it possible to put the term someone [is] guilty before the judgment of the court” However, divine judgment was recorded the day you committed these crimes, and you can only clear these crimes through accepting and admitting the truth. It is a well known established fact that political party officials and police carefully orchestrated an anti-Sikh pogrom in November 1984.

Mandeep Kaur Guraya

Eho jiha nu India de system ch tan sja mildi nahi disdi mainu...han par Rabb tan dekhda hi hai... Rabb hi hisaab karega eho jehaan da... sab paapaan da bhugtaan ithe hi karke jayega... :)