Typography art by Thomas Broomé

Thomas Broomé is a Swedish artist who creates different artistic images by the repeats of words. His project “Modern Mantra” is a series of drawings made up of ink drawings. He creates interior landscapes by using the words that describe them. So, he repeats words to shape different artistic images. In his art, a watch is filled with the word “clock”, bed is filled with word “bed”, and a wall is filled with the word “wall”

Thomas Broomé debut exhibition at Galleri Magnus Karlsson in 2006 received a lot of attention. These works have seen an unprecedented spread on the Internet after being exposed at the Frieze Art Fair in London and The Armory Show in New York and made him popular for his creation of “Modern Mantra”.

In a series of new paintings, Broomé has taken his ‘ModernMantra’-technique one step further by making arts in a larger scale, and has managed to introduce yet another dimension by adding color, light and shade.