Typo Keyboard Case for Your iPhone


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Typo Keyboard Case Oaths to Provide Better Typing for Your iPhone

The Typo case funded by Ryan Seacrest and co-founder Laurence Hallier who have invested over $1 million dollars into, is now available for pre-order. The case provides a Blackberry q10 type keyboard to an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. It also leaves one with 40% more screen real estate compared to one which one gets while using the native touch keyboarded of an iPhone.

AllThingsD reports that the device will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show which takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas. The co-founders are expected to invest more than $5 million into the project with future keyboard products in development.


Type Faster w/ Less Typos: Users report typing 50% faster and with less Typos
Release your Screen: Touch keyboard brings back 40% more screen space for typing
Full Backlit Keyboard: Backlit Keyboard for typing in low light environments
Battery Indicator: See how much battery you have at any time
Quick Currency Keys Access: Quick access to all your most necessary currency keys
TYPO smart Typing: Custom TYPO Smart Auto-Correct Enabled
Quick Rapid Charge: Full charge in less than an hour
From the looks of it seems like a treat for those who enjoyed and cherished the old Blackberry days, but in my view the case looks a little clunky and would add a lot of bulk to the sleek yet elegant housing of the iPhone. Sadly the case as of now is only available to pre-order in US only at $99, so I guess Indian users need to wait a little longer for this.