Types Of Relationships


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Why are we so attached to our parents and siblings? Why people trust their spouses more than anyone else? What attracts us towards just one colleague, while we keep distance from others? It’s because we share some kind of relation and bonding with all these people. Common interests, likes, dislikes, blood, bonding, and attraction are some factors that keep us glued to some people compared to others. As such, we establish relationships with many people, like family members, neighbors, cousins, partners, spouses, friends, and so on. Remember, the experience of love is the same, what changes are our preferences. Thus, the kind of love we receive from different relationships classifies them into different categories. Find out the various kinds of relationships that exist by glancing through the following text.

Different Kinds Of Relationships

Family Relationships
Family relationships involve people to whom you are related in some way or the other. They usually include people whom you live with in your household, your immediate family, and your distant relatives. As such, you share a strong bond with your mother, father, and siblings. Further, you are linked to your uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and other distant family relations. The bond that you share with your family plays a major role on your overall being. While some people are closely attached to their relations, others prefer to maintain distance from the same members. As such, these affect a person in numerous ways.

Friendly Relationships
Relations that we share with our friends, peers, fellow workers, and other acquaintances are termed as friendly relationships. Next to our family, these friendly people play a major role in directing our lives towards a correct or wrong track. Further, the type of bonding we maintain with our associates and friends draft us into the person we are. Though many people depend on these relationships for taking important decisions of our lives, each of us is affected by them in some way.

Romantic Relationships
A romantic relationship is the most beautiful and rewarding yet complex relationship that one can indulge in. Boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses are the people who share such relations. These relationships are filled up with lots of love, trust, and understanding as these are the parameters that are responsible for the success or failure of the same. Depending upon the relationship, the two partners can either build a healthy bond or end the relationship in a disaster, if they do not handle the ongoing challenges properly.

Professional Relationships
People develop successful, productive, and satisfying relationships at their workplaces as well. Colleagues, clients, seniors, customers, and subordinates are some people with whom these relationships are likely to trigger off. Whether it is clearing an interview, increasing your chances of getting a promotion, or expanding your spiritual awareness on a personal level, work relationships are of paramount importance. Because if you do not meet the right people or build successful relations, you’ll not be able to accomplish your dreams and goals. Thus, apart from knowing these people, it is highly significant to create healthy networks for their continuous help and support.

Pet Relationships
These days, owning a pet has become a necessity for almost every family. In fact, pets have become a part of our lives, as the kind of relationship we share with them largely influences our well being and happiness. You can find kids playing and snuggling with cats and dogs to find pleasure and pass their leisure time. For adults, these family pooches serve as companions, especially for disable individuals and people with special needs. Pets bring a smile on the faces of millions of traumatized and emotionally challenged children and lonely senior citizens. That’s not all. By caring for the emotional and physical needs of these furry friends, we contribute to a healthy society.

These are a few types of relationships that we human beings are involved with, in our daily lives. With some love, care, affection, and commitment, these different relationships can make us happy and relaxed.